Ever feel like you're not enough (or a little too much)?

The good news: you're not alone. Maitri teaches us how to sit with, work through, and not run away from those feelings.

Learn the Buddhist method of radical self-care.

*No bubble baths required.

Never abandon yourself again.

You wouldn't abandon a friend in their darkest moments. That's unconditional friendliness. You shouldn't abandon yourself in those moments either. That's maitri.

What is Maitri?

Maitri, the Buddhist practice of making friends with ourselves, can heal us to get through anxiety, help us find and fulfill our purpose in a world that doesn't particularly encourage such, and gives us a lifelong best friend—ourselves—we'll never be without.

Maitri is about more than self-care. It's about more than spa days and epsom salts.⁠

It’s about becoming strong, grounded, confident, resilient, relaxed, with a light touch. It's about becoming ourselves.

What's inside your course:

4 live classes with Q&A and community support.
(*Live course only.)

Join Waylon Lewis for 4 live classes.

Class topics: Introduction to Maitri, What the f*ck is Maitri and how do I do it?, How to Meditate without Meditating, and How Empathy can Save the World.

3 hours of video lessons
& 4 guided meditations.

Join Waylon for conversations & meditations with wonderful Buddhist teachers Linda Lewis, David Sanford & Sharon Salzberg. Whether you're an experienced meditator or brand-new to the practice, this ordinary wisdom may help illuminate your path.

Teachings to directly change & heal your life's path.

This course isn't philosophical—it's practical. It's about reality, and practice. That means it's there for you whenever (& wherever) the need for fear-dissolving sanity arises—at your desk, or in a relationship, or late at night.

Recommended reading list from Waylon Lewis.

Go deeper into the teachings with books from our favorite Maitri teachers (you may even recognize a name or two from your course).

Weekly writing prompts to deepen your Maitri practice.

Optional weekly writing assignments that are exclusive to the live course, and tailored to you and your Maitri practice.

Downloadable audio, video, and text resources.

Want to meditate with Waylon on your lunch break? Need a reminder of your fundamental goodness like right now? We've got you covered.

Questions about the course? Send us an email—we love to chat: [email protected]

Sample a lesson:

"Maitri has no demographics. Maitri is for teenage boys. Maitri is for 55 year-old women. Maitri is for you." ~ Waylon Lewis 

"I feel like the world needs this teaching."

This course is perfect for anyone going through heartbreak. Honestly, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I found myself nodding along and just feeling so much compassion for myself as I was listening to Waylon and Sharon Salzberg speak. I feel like the world needs this teaching. I can think of so many people who I know would benefit from this. And, I found myself already feeling lighter about my approach to life.

~ Naomi Boshari

"I was so immersed I finished it in four days."

The timing of the Maitri self-paced course is a welcome hot cup of coffee or tea with a small wedge of dark chocolate on a stormy day.  I dove into this course with both feet, an open heart and an equally open mind. I was so immersed I finished it in four days. But, here is the joy, it is yours, take your time, let days or weeks pass before moving to the next lesson, or take it all in and know you can go back to read, watch, explore. 

~ Jann Dolk

Ready to fall in love with your life?


{Live Instruction with Waylon Lewis}

One-time payment.

Read our Terms & Conditions here.

3 payments of $160/month

{Live Instruction with Waylon Lewis}

3 monthly payments.

Read our Terms & Conditions here.


{Self-paced. Online course only; no live instruction.}

One-time payment.

Course dates:

The live course will run from February 1-February 25, 2022.

Class schedule for the live course:

Friday, February 4th

Friday, February 11th

Friday, February 18th

Friday, February 25th

All classes start at 10 a.m. MST, and are available for replay if you can't make it live.

Interested, but not ready?

We'll keep you in the loop about mindful offerings, free events, and new course releases.

Interested, but not ready?

We'll keep you in the loop about mindful offerings, free events, and new course releases.