Welcome to Elephant Academy: your Acceptance Agreement.

This document is an agreement between ELEPHANT JOURNAL and the Trainee. By enrolling in ELEPHANT ACADEMY you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Courses included in this Agreement*:

  1. Find your Voice/Write your Heart Out.
  2. How to Write, Publish, & Sell the Hell out of a Book—with Waylon H. Lewis.
  3. How to Succeed on Instagram without Really Trying.
  4. Maitri: How to Fall in Love with your Sweet Self.
  5. Meditation for Crazy-Busy People.
  6. Mindful Life 101.
  7. How to Write a Love Letter with Waylon Lewis.
  8. The Elephant Academy Writer’s Toolkit.
  9. 108 Ways to improve* your Work, your Love, your Life.
  10. 21 Days of Maitri.
  11. How to Write & Market your Book on Instagram.
  12. Un-Market your way to making Good Money.

*And any bundles of the courses mentioned above.

Modification of Terms of Use. ELEPHANT JOURNAL reserves the right to occasionally amend these agreements, and any changes will be posted on the ELEPHANT ACADEMY website.

You acknowledge and agree:

Intellectual Property. ELEPHANT JOURNAL is the owner of the compilation of data, video, images, documentation, text, audio and audio-visual materials, and other intellectual property (the "Materials") hosted within the online course and all ELEPHANT ACADEMY training materials.

Trainee agrees that they will not reproduce, publish, or sell these materials either during the terms of this Agreement or after termination of this Agreement without the prior written consent and approval of ELEPHANT JOURNAL. Any unauthorized use of our materials without our prior consent is prohibited. We reserve the right to pursue any transgressions to the fullest extent as provided by law, and will seek damages and fair compensation accordingly.

Ownership. Trainee agrees that ELEPHANT JOURNAL has the right to share materials the Trainee publishes with ELEPHANT JOURNAL on elephantjournal.com within the scope of ELEPHANT JOURNAL’s usage rights. The trainee owns their creative work, ELEPHANT merely owns usage rights.

Non-Commercial Use of Elephant Academy Course Materials. The ELEPHANT ACADEMY materials are provided for personal and professional development for non-commercial purposes only. The Trainee may not sell, profit from, or commercialize ELEPHANT ACADEMY courses, the materials or content within them, or works derived from them. ELEPHANT JOURNAL considers any use of ELEPHANT ACADEMY and its content for the purpose of deriving profit or promoting a profit-based enterprise to be prohibited commercial use.

Copyright. ELEPHANT JOURNAL respects the intellectual property of others and requires that users of this material within the scope of the ELEPHANT ACADEMY do the same. ELEPHANT JOURNAL will promptly remove any material that is determined to be infringing upon the rights of others.

Payment & Refund. Purchase of an ELEPHANT ACADEMY online course will result in an immediate charge, hereby referred to as Program Tuition, and immediate access to the course.

We offer an 80% Refund of your course fee within 15 DAYS of purchase (partial refund is due to the processing time our staff takes to review the Trainee’s application, accept, and set you up with the release of proprietary ELEPHANT ACADEMY content materials, which are available to a Trainee immediately upon the start of a course). If you would like a 100% refund, please don’t join in the first place. This is also applicable to courses purchased using installment payments from third-party partners, AFFIRM or AFTERPAY.

If the Trainee does not respond to communications from ELEPHANT ACADEMY within the refund policy window, the Trainee is not eligible for a refund from ELEPHANT JOURNAL. It is the responsibility of the Trainee to communicate with the ELEPHANT ACADEMY and to confirm that they are able to participate in the ELEPHANT ACADEMY program they have enrolled in.

Internal installment plans are not available for every ELEPHANT ACADEMY course offering. In those instances that they are, failure to complete any payment of the agreed upon installment payment plan will result in removal from the online course and may result in litigation.

Each installment has its own 15-day refund window from the payment date. If a Refund is requested on a purchase that has been made using an installment plan within the 15-day refund window, the first installment will be refunded at 80%. Any refund request on an installment that falls outside of a 15-day refund window will be retained in full by Elephant, and any future payments will be cancelled. This is subject to communication with the ELEPHANT ACADEMY team.

Previously advertised tuition fees, sales, or promotions will not be honored on future sales if the fee has since changed. Any future tuition increase is at the discretion of ELEPHANT ACADEMY.

If a Trainee wishes to defer their enrollment in a live course, this is subject to the approval of the ELEPHANT ACADEMY team. Request for deferment for a live course is required within 15 DAYS.

The full terms of use for Teachable, the hosting platform for Elephant Academy's online learning material, can be found here. A purchased course may be exchanged within the ELEPHANT ACADEMY course Library and applied as a credit toward another course of equal or lesser value within 15 DAYS of purchase.

Digital Downloads are non-refundable due to the immediate availability of the proprietary ELEPHANT ACADEMY content.

If a Trainee enrolled in a course via an Elephant Journal Membership perk or privilege, courses are non-refundable and membership with Elephant Academy is dependent on the status of your Elephant Journal Membership.

Disclaimer and Warranty. ELEPHANT JOURNAL will not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of, or inability to use, ELEPHANT ACADEMY. Trainee expressly agrees to use ELEPHANT ACADEMY, and any included materials or content, solely at their own risk. They also hereby agree to indemnify ELEPHANT JOURNAL, its employees, agents, and affiliates from any and all claims and/or damages (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees) resulting from any claim brought by any third party relating to your use of ELEPHANT ACADEMY and any included materials or content. By using materials or content from ELEPHANT ACADEMY, it is agreed that use will not violate the rights of ELEPHANT JOURNAL or any other person, entity, or copyright law.

By enrolling in any ELEPHANT ACADEMY online course offered through ELEPHANT JOURNAL, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Revised 10/26/2023