Writing is Hogwarts-style Magic.

At Elephant, we want to start with writing as something genuine.

We're not looking to be the equivalent of a top 40 hit where everyone loves the melody but there's no real, lasting, meaningful content. That has its place, but we're looking for more. 

Waylon asks in this video, "Why do we write?"

We can get so caught up in the reasons and the methods and the hows and the how-not-tos that it becomes easy to forget that writing is really about communication.

Here in Elephant Academy, we speak a lot about finding your voice. So, what does that mean? Finding your voice is important. It's fundamental. From a Buddhist point of view, you're communicating and at the same time you're being. You're communicating and you're being. You're doing both. 

In the beginning, you're not writing to be eloquent. You're writing to communicate. You're writing to express what is already there, not make it what it isn't. So, your job as a writer is to just write your experience—to communicate your experience to your readers. 

>> Try this Lesson from Waylon: When you write, visualize a dear friend whom you love and respect. But, also imagine that they have absolutely no idea what you're talking about as you're writing. Begin to write to them. They are an audience you can connect with. Explain to them what you mean, not because they're stupid but because you love them and respect them and are communicating with them genuinely.  

Does writing with this person in mind change the way you communicated? 

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