This is your one precious life. Write your way through it.

Join Elephant's founding Editor-in-Chief, Waylon Lewis, for insight on writing, life, Buddhism, and Haiku with Natalie Goldberg, author of the most popular how-to-write book ever, Writing Down the Bones.

What's covered in the course?

Writing as practice.

Writing is more than a book deal or a published article or a prophetic diary. It's something we can commit to in our daily life, and learn from, and grow into. It's a practice.


A haiku is far more than three simple lines—but it's far less, too. Waylon and Natalie discuss the possibilities of this form, and why it might be a good place to start.

Buddhism & Everyday Life.

From impermanence to mortality to the infamous Beat Poets like Kerouac and Ginsberg, Waylon and Natalie explain how writing & wakefulness tie it all together.

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What you'll learn in this free course:

  • Even great writers get sick of writing.
  • Natalie Goldberg's one piece of advice for what to do if you actually want to write.
  • Powerful writing doesn't (have to) mean prolific writing. Uncover the power of the three-line haiku, and hear Natalie Goldberg read her favorite haiku of all-time.