The problem with conventional Resolutions:

We might think about what we want to change in our lives in the end of December, and on January 1st…and then the rush of life resumes, and all that thought about change and the passing of time seems like…well, old news.

Let’s take a small step back, now, before that rush of our life pushes us ever further downstream. Let’s actually give ourselves the time to engage in these four simple timeless “Resolutions,” from the Buddha.

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New Year’s resolutions are often practical: lose some weight, start reading more, start running, finish that book.

What they miss is the motivation that will get us through times of inspiration and lack of inspiration.

Motivation does not come from willpower. Willpower breaks, falters in the warm trance of the present moment “maybe I’ll just eat that entire cake.”

Motivation comes from empathy, from appreciation, and from the feeling that we can be of benefit.

Good news: we can cultivate those three things—and this course can show you how.

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