Find your Voice with Elephant:

Elephant Academy's {live} 2024 Find your Voice course is waiting for you.

It's a writing course for life, not just writing. And writing itself, at its best and truest, isn't about writing—it's about heart, growth, delight, empathy, learning, connecting.

This September, take a leap:​

  • Join 9 live meetings. Find your voice, write your stories. 
  • Practice maitri (Buddhist path of making friends with all of ourselves)—and learn how writing can be used to open ourselves up, transform—and inspire others.
  • Publish your writing, with the help of mentors, editors, and Waylon H. Lewis.
  • Show up in your work, relationships, and world with authenticity, empathy, and joy.

Remember: Writing is not (just) for writers—it's for anyone who wants to find their voice.

This year, we've got a surprise up our sleeves.

When you enroll for just $1 more (!), you can gift the course to a friend or loved one to do the course with you. Doing it with a friend can make the experience feel fun, comfortable, and help you each stay accountable to your goals.