What's in the Course:

✔️ 90 minute recorded replay of a live lecture with Waylon. (Feel like you were there as Waylon interacts with students and asks questions!)

✔️ A list of 108 Buddhist tips to improve your work, your love, and every part of your precious life.

✔️ Downloadable workbook so you can take notes as you go and curate your own mindful routine. 

✔️ 3 bonus videos on using Buddhism as a salve for burnout and depression, a way to lift your spirits after life's gone to s**t, and a way to appreciate every day of this precious life. 

✔️ Recommended reading list so you can go deeper into your mindfulness practice.


"Completely unexpected and delightful! This was my first course, but will definitely be the first of many." ~ Debi, Elephant Academy Alum

"Like getting a big cozy hug."

"Time with you is like getting a big cozy hug! Thank you, Waylon.

I feel comforted, bolstered, calmer, and wiser. Much needed and appreciated in these tough times." ~ Shellan, Elephant Academy Alum

"A 10 for sure."

"Always appreciate your wonderful help infused with much laughter. A 10 for sure!" ~ Marla, Elephant Academy Alum

The monumental task of improving* your work, your love, your life happens in the first 30 minutes of your day. ⁠

Join Waylon Lewis, Editor-in-Chief of Elephant Journal and first-generation Dharma Brat, for: 108 Buddhist tips on establishing a mindful morning routine.

They're practical. They're simple. And they're meaningful, and do-able enough, to actually change every single part of your life. 

Get Elephant Academy's 108 Buddhist Ways to improve* your Work, your Love, your Life. Course:

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