Why Instagram is a Narcissist 101.

"Instagram can be about more than me, me, me. It can be about creating enlightened society. About care. About community. Building a community is important for 'promoting' anything. You build a genuine community based on honesty and trust. And then you can share books, fashion, yoga classes, travel, family, politics, meditation retreats, your business, your craft—whatever it is—as long as it's genuine, helpful, personal." ~ Waylon Lewis

"Remember: Instagram is about Instagram. Instagram is like hanging out with the most selfish, narcissistic person you know. As a company, it's all about itself." ~ Waylon Lewis

Knowing this allows us to get smart about how we use the platform to our benefit, rather than letting ourselves be used by it.

P.S. We'll speak more about Instagram Stories later on in this course.