There are thousands of Instagram courses out there. Elephant Academy offers something those other courses don't.

Elephant Academy's Instagram course gives you the "how"—the craft. It's comprehensive (there's. a. lot), it's affordable, it's easy, it's fun—and it works.

What you will need to succeed in this course:

  • Heart
  • Mission
  • Integrity

What you won't need to succeed in this course:

  • A massive ad budget
  • A professional photographer
  • Experience in online marketing.

Learn how to do Instagram mindfully, while building a community with real engagement and real revenue for you or your work.

I’ve grown my Instagram following over 6x...

...and I’ve done it all with skills I learned with Elephant Academy. I had no idea how important social media is to our writing. Whatever your passion is, the Academy can enhance it. ~ David Baumrind

The Academy has added so much meaning to my life.

Not only have I found my voice with Elephant Academy, I was taught the skills to develop it into a loud and clear one, and learned how to promote my message via social media, with the purpose to be of benefit. ~ Galina Singer

The Academy helped me launch into a genuine, fear-free, mindful social media experience.

I came into the apprenticeship as a new blogger and a guy who fears the narcissistic blackhole I see as social media. I’m grateful that Waylon and the Academy helped me to find my community and launch into a genuine, fear-free, mindful writing and social media experience. ~ Joe Cyr

What you'll Learn:

  *Quit now.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  It's time for Mindful Instagram Basics.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Now that you’ve accepted that Instagram can be a black's how to light our world up.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Success 2.0: Instagram Stories & Reels.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Now that you understand the fundamentals, here’s how to use it to rock your mission or career.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Good luck out there!
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days after you enroll
  Additional Resources.
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days after you enroll

Why grow your Instagram with Elephant Academy?

In 2012, Elephant Journal took its national print magazine off of the shelves and took our mission to spread the mindful life beyond the choir online. We started with one Facebook page, 0 fans, lots of coffee, a little meditation, a lot of passion, and a whole lotta dedication.

Since then, with zero (yup, zilch) paid advertising or promoted posts, we've grown to:

11 million fans across 60+ pages on Facebook.

775,000+ followers across 5 accounts on Instagram.

7 million views & 35,000 subscribers on YouTube (which we barely use anymore—IGTV and FB live are our money-makers).

200,000 followers across 6 accounts on Twitter, where we were named #1 nationally for #green content.

"Social media is a way to connect with people—that is the fundamental aspect of marketing, PR, or building your hobby into your mindful career. Connection is the ground. A mindful use of social media that's also successful is incredibly rare—and it's something Elephant has been able to do." ~ Waylon Lewis

Start growing your Instagram:

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