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Many of us work hard doing something we don't love, that may or may not be good for ourselves or our world. There's an alternative:

Right Livelihood.

Particularly in the age of social media, we can

  1. do what we love,
  2. something we're good at,
  3. that's of benefit to others,
  4. and that pays our bills.

That's Right Livelihood.

What this course is not about: where to click, how to do social media. While we'll help with the "what," we're more about the how—the craft—how to succeed, how to be of benefit, how to connect without a budget or staff. This is invaluable. The technical "where to click what" questions can be answered via YouTube videos, Instagram/Twitter FAQs, and your friends.

So while this course may not be polished, it is vital. It's not perfect, but it is unique. And what's unique about it is something that's helped me gain 10 million Facebook fans on 60 pages, get voted #1 in #green nationally on Twitter—twice—and grow an Instagram following worth millions of dollars of real revenue.

It's called integrity, caring, consistency, a foolhardy boldness, and not trying to do everything, not trying to be perfect, and staying humble enough to learn from others without feeling the need to imitate.

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What does the term "Social Media" make you feel?

Intimidated? Turned off? Distrustful? Speedy? Bored?

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