"My only regret is that I didn't take this course years ago."

From the first correspondence, I knew I was in the right place. It's one of integrity, experience, Right Livelihood and no BS. If you're looking for a place to begin or improve your writing and evolve into a better human—this is your place. The folks on this journey will welcome you into the fold. The writing lessons in the course are spot on—practical and applicable. The only downside is that it ends.

~ Dhana Musil

"I’m the best version of myself because of this course."

I've loved every bit of the Academy. I’m the best version of myself because of this course, and I’ve never felt more like me. For someone who's felt lost most of her life, that's huge.

~ Sharon DeNofa

"The Academy gave me a chance to master the craft."

I had been writing for Elephant Journal for almost a year when I joined the Academy. The Academy gave my voice a much needed firm-footing and a chance to master the craft. I found a place where I could make mistakes and be myself without fear of judgement. If you are looking for not only writing but a mindful journey—a connection—this is the place for it.

~ Vinita Malik

"I truly love this community."

There is so much support, genuine respect, and kindness for each other. I feel the Academy gave (is giving me) very important tools and skills as well as a safe place to learn how to use my voice amongst my peers.

~ Joan Blendwoski

"I'm blown away with all that I've received."

When I enrolled in Elephant Academy, I thought it might help me to become a better writer and, well, just encourage me to write.

I'm blown away with all that I've received. The writing instruction has been perfect to help me fine-tune my bumpy writing. The community of peers and editors who are there to support one another has been a huge blessing. But the greatest gift has been the encouragement to mine the depths of our emotions to find what is true. Honest writing is such a powerful process. I am in awe.

~ Kathy Bolte

"I grew in my writing."

The Academy pushed me to write every day, find my clichés, and start breaking them down into beautiful descriptions. I learned how to write to a deadline and receive feedback. I grew in my writing.

~ Stephanie Mueller

"The best thing I ever did for myself as a creative person."

The Academy was the best thing I ever did for myself as a creative person. I made incredible friends and connections and was given a chance to face some of the lies I'd been feeding myself about whether or not I'm a writer. Defining moments for me week after week. So much learning and growth. So grateful to Waylon, Molly, Emily, and the entire community of Elephants.

~ Jen Schwartz

"The writing serves the soul."

Other courses do not encourage the same feeling of community with like-minded, mindful folks. We develop strength in numbers here. We encourage courage. The writing serves the soul.

~ Micky Sedota

"I wrote more than I’ve written in 20 years."

Our small group was rich with feedback and support and encouragement and generosity of spirit in editing. I wrote more than I’ve written and edited more than I’ve edited in 20 years. To be published and hit a top-of-month Ecosystem rating was a wild surprise and delight.

~ Sheila Delaney Duke

"I am walking away with more passion for humanity."

I am walking away with powerful connections, more passion for humanity, and finally hearing my voice ring through all the crap.

~ Elizabeth Holmes

"Thanks to the Academy...I am a paid writer."

It changed my life—the way I write, share, communicate and engage with every part of my life. Not to mention writing. And thanks to the Academy, I can now say I'm a paid writer. It's a key part of my vocation. Can I stop gushing? No, not really! I'm forever grateful.

~ Justice Bartlett

"I couldn't put a price tag on the benefits of the course."

I built my confidence, went to an interview for my dream role, and following the completion of the course I won a number of awards at work.

~ Jade Halliday

"The strength of the Academy is in its community."

However much the mountains of beneficial information were insightful and helpful, I believe that the strength of the Academy is in its community. It is incredible to go through the program with others, learn from them, and feel supported while digesting the gems inside the online course.

~ Michelle Gean

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