Elephant Academy's most popular 6-week Writing Course is really a Life Course.

Our Write your Heart Out course isn't just about writing—it's about uncovering your own voice, so that you can process your ups and downs, your stories, and—through catharsis—genuinely show up for a world that needs our help.

Write your way to finding your voice—the foundation for a life well-lived. 

What you get in your course:

• 6 live classes with Elephant's Editor-in-Chief & a community of peers from all over our world.

• 12 hours of video lessons from Waylon Lewis and guest stars—some of the most wonderful thought leaders & writers in our world, today.

• A jewel-like recommended reading list & our precious tool-kit for mindful writing & editing.

• Mindful Quizzes to check your learning as you go.

• Writing prompts to guide you to your voice.

See a sample of your course curriculum here.


Bonus #1: Access to live class archives from 2019 & 2020 for a dozen additional hours of training with Waylon & the Academy.

Bonus #2: Get access to our members-only course, Elephant Camp, & enjoy exclusive classes & conversations with Waylon Lewis & amazing guests.

Bonus #3: "A Writer's Guide to Maitri," free download.

Bonus #4: Any future updates we make to the course are yours, automatically.

Write alongside Elephant Journal's founder, Waylon Lewis.

For 6 weeks, you'll learn, you'll practice, you'll work, you'll play—you'll grow, you'll challenge yourself, you'll enjoy a mindful community from every corner of our globe.

Who is this course for?

The courageous.

If you know you've got a story to tell, we've got the tools to help you tell it: a team of Editors & Mentors, a library of resources, and millions of mindful readers from every corner of our world. 

The truth-tellers.

Do you have a crush on mindful media? Does fake news make your skin crawl? That's because you know truth matters—but only if people read it. We'll teach you how to make the truth readable, sharable, and meaningful. 

The would-be creatives.

If you know you want to write, but... we've got the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to go beyond that hesitation and make your creative dreams a better-than-could-be reality.

"I'm blown away with all that I've received."

The writing instruction has been perfect to help me fine-tune my bumpy writing. The community of peers and editors who are there to support one another has been a huge blessing. But the greatest gift has been the encouragement to mine the depths of our emotions to find what is true. Honest writing is such a powerful process. I am in awe.

~ Kathy Bolte

"Despite the crazy in our world right now...

this course has been helping me stay sane and connected."

~ Kimberly Gobok

"I had no formal writing experience before joining Elephant Academy."

Not only did I learn how to write to be of benefit of others, but I learned how to connect with myself and write vulnerably—and professionally. If you’re considering the Academy, take a chance—at worst, you’ll learn a hell of a lot from some passionate, brilliant folks. At best, it just might change your life.

~ David Baumrind

Ready to take your writing to the next level?

• Develop a consistent writing practice and learn to stop fearing writer's block, imposter syndrome, and vulnerability.

• Use mindfulness tools to develop your writing practice, and your connection with yourself.

• Gain the confidence to share your story with our world—a world that desperately needs truth, genuine communication, and connection.

• Experience working with a team of Editors and submitting writing to an active publication.

• Plus: Academy writers earn 10% on average in Elephant's Ecosystem.

Nervous about sharing your writing?

We've been there, too, and we have a solution: Academy Mentor Groups.

During your course, you'll have access to an Academy Mentor and small group of 15-25 writers.

Mentors are Academy graduates and active writers with Elephant Journal who've been exactly where you are now, and have the insight and wisdom to help you feel comfortable, get confident, and take your writing to the next level.

These groups are supportive, inspiring, and there to remind why you signed up for this course: to write.

What's so unique about Elephant Academy?

At Elephant Academy, we don't teach from dated textbooks or second-hand research. We teach what we do every day.

You can learn and practice these skills alongside Elephant's Editors and writers through live meetings, real-world training, and community interaction.

Plus, you get the signature Elephant touch: everyday, accessible mindfulness woven throughout each lecture, lesson, and video to give you skills, confidence, and self-awareness that go far beyond your writing practice.

Questions? Email a member of the Academy team here.

Waylon Lewis teaches Write your Heart Out.

Get vulnerable, get brave, get grounded, get open. Let's do it together, this Summer.


How the Write your Heart Out Course Works:

• Work through your online course alongside your peers each week.

• Join Waylon for a live class every Friday at 10 a.m. MST. All meetings are available for replay if you can't join live.

• Check-in with your Academy Mentor and small group throughout the week for course questions, writing inspiration, and peer editing.

• Submit writing each week to our team of Editors, with the chance of being published on Elephant Journal to millions of monthly readers.

What you're getting:

6 hours of live classes with Elephant's Editor-in-Chief. $1,200 value.

Access to live class archives from 2019 and 2020 for a dozen additional hours of training with Waylon. $1,100 value.

Write your Heart Out online course, with free course updates included. $432 value.

Bonus course {Free}: Get access to our members-only course, Elephant Camp, and enjoy exclusive classes and conversations with Waylon Lewis and VIP guests. $324 value.

Total course value: $3,056

Full-price Tuition: $1,000 USD

Early Admission Tuition: $800 USD

"I couldn't put a price tag on the benefits of the course."

I built my confidence, went to an interview for my dream role, and following the completion of the course I won a number of awards at work.

~ Jade Halliday

Save $200 with code SHAREYOURHEART

*Savings end May 23rd.

VAT included where applicable.


{Live Instruction & Community.}

Save $200 with code SHAREYOURHEART

Our Summer 2021 Write your Heart Out Course with live weekly meetings & instruction: June 14—July 23, 2021.

Price includes applicable taxes & VAT.

Course Dates:

June 14-July 23, 2021

Live Meeting Schedule:

Weekly trainings take place on Fridays at 10 a.m. MST, and are available for replay if you can't make it live.

Questions about the course?

Email the Academy team here—we love to chat.